My husband’s prognosis was a few months to live, but his condition improved

Mrs. Maples (lung cancer)

Diagnostics and Penoxal discovery

Sometimes in June-July 2015 my husband was diagnosed non-small cell carcinoma in lungs with some metastases (right lung, pleura, pericardium, chest wall, lymph nodes, spleen, left adrenal gland). Doctors predicted he would live for several weeks or months. He began chemotherapy, and at this time, I discovered your website about Penoxal.

Chemotherapy before and after Penoxal

For the first application of chemo he had no Penoxal, but then he did. The difference was truly unbelievable. He would lie all day after the first chemo, he ate nothing and felt extremely tired. After that we started using 4 capsules a day he tolerated the chemotherapy well despite its high doses. He continues with it and sometimes he only takes 2 capsules a day. He tolerates chemo well despite its high doses.

Excellent treatment results

In November he had PET with some unexpected results – some tumours have completely disappeared, i.e. nodes in his throat, in his rib, spleen, shoulder blade, a partial regression in the rib and in the right lung. He continues with chemo and Penoxal.