Mrs. Deer complemented the biological therapy with Penoxal

Mrs. Deer (leukaemia)

Accidental detection of the disease and its treatment

I have accidently found out about the disease based on blood counts from my GP. Results were worrying, so my doctor said the blood was bad and she referred me immediately to the Haematology-Oncology department. Subsequently I was taken to another hospital having a diagnosis of CML (Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia) with abnormal Philadelphia chromosome, a genetic disorder of the maternal blood-forming cell leading to a dysfunctional blood formation, when the entire process gets out of control. Then an uncontrolled multiplication of leukocytes started. I was given Gleevec, TKI treatment, tyrosine-kinase inhibitor or the so called biological therapy. A doctor declined a stem cell transplant or autologous therapy, i.e. via own stem cells. My doctor was against prescribing new drugs as Gleevec was effective, but I know it only suppresses the proliferation and provides no cure. Some new drugs exist that are more aggressive, but they can cure despite their severe side effects.

Complementary Penoxal

I have always been interested in science, natural science and medicine, I read new research studies in magazines and books, and also various discussions and comments on the internet where I found about Penoxal, previously known under a different name. I take Penoxal and keep a strict diet along with the use of Gleevec and herbs. Penoxal helps to promote a good sleep, better immunity and blood pressure; it destroys abnormal cells and enhances healthy cells. I can even confirm that thanks to Penoxal my psyche has improved and I trust it based on my good blood results. It helps and it works exactly as described. My doctor says there is 60% risk of the disease returning. I would not dare to take Penoxal without the biological drugs, but it helps me a lot and I feel much better.