Chemoterapy free of side effects

George Newman – 41 years (colon cancer)

High doses of Penoxal

My family bought the food supplement Penoxal as it was recommended by some friends. I started using it prior to my chemotherapy and radiotherapy (tumour in the colon). I used Penoxal in high doses of 4-6 tablets a day as it was stated on the internet. My doctors had no objections, and according to the manufacturer even high doses are harmless.

Positive progress of chemotherapy

After two weeks of chemo I felt no side effects commonly experienced by other patients. This just contributed to my mental wellbeing; if I had been sick, had diarrhoea or had been tired all day, I would not have coped with the therapy so well I think. I felt sick only once after a 24-hour drip.

Results and prevention

Overall, my blood levels did not change much during the therapy. The loss of white blood cells and platelets was expected. Despite this I felt fine. My appetite was the same as before the therapy. I would even say I put on weight. I would definitely recommend Penoxal (Biocol). My family are currently taking it as a form of prevention from the disease which I had.