My husband was taking Peroxal for two months to help him to recover from chemotherapy. All unpleasant symptoms vanished within a few weeks, his bowel movement went back to normal within 10 days. I've purchased it once again for myself, this time. I always have a lot of flu and colds during winter time and would like to prepare for the cold times ahead by giving a boost to my immune system. I'm planning to take it for a couple of months and will update this review afterwards.
I take Penoxal twice a day, I had problems with lower abdominal pains and chronic fatigue. Now I feel really good.
Using Penoxal has relieved the pains I‘ve had (pains in lower belly that were shooting into the lumbar area...), endometriosis hasn‘t disappeared, but I feel much better.
My blood count in oncological haematological disease has improved a lot
There has been relief with digestive problems and pain relief in the abdomen area
I know for sure that the last two chemotherapy‘s courses were much milder - no symptoms, compared to previous ones. The product was recommended to me by people I know.
After two weeks my wife felt much better. It's definitely a good product. I’m going to order another pack. Thank you.
I chose the product to support the immune system after irradiation. It‘s a product with natural substances and I haven’t noticed any side effects.
Personally this product has repeatedly improved my health condition.
While I was taking it, I didn‘t have flu or cold, but as soon as I stopped taking it I immediately had a bladder inflammation, so I began taking it again. I'm very satisfied.
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