Michal Nejedlý

Michal Nejedlý - 39 years, Prostejov (weakened immune system)
For a few years I suffered a viral disease due to the weak immunity. The weak immune system manifested as elbow pain, often as shooting knee pain, or an unpleasant muscle twitch in the leg, etc.


Ms. Monika - 44 years, Hradec Kralove, alopecia (hair loss) 
My name is Monika, I am 44 and I have fought alopecia since my childhood. It is a never-ending struggle with the hair loss including eyelashes, eyebrows and all body hair.


Soňa Grigoryan

Sona Grigoryan - Athens, Greece (atopic eczema, weakened immunity)
First time I discovered the product it was called Biocol. My mother used it and she recommended it to my son to boost his immunity. I started using Penoxal for my atopic eczema which disappeared completely within several months.

Helena Lorenz

Helena Lorenz - Karlsruhe, Germany (body regeneration)
I started taking Penoxal to test it, for a month as recommended by my friend. I took two capsules daily to re-charge my body and to boost my immune system.


Tereza Svobodová

Tereza Svobodová - Hradec Kralove (weakened immune system)
My five-year-old son and I have both suffered from frequent colds especially in the autumn. I also suffer from allergies so any cold is difficult to control. I started using Penoxal regularly five months ago and I swear by it.

paní Pavlína

Mrs. Pavlina Prague - (immunity support)
About 15 years ago I started having problems with lymph nodes in my throat; they were often enlarged. I often felt very tired, weak and lethargic. Medical examinations showed inflammation in the body.
The author does not wish to be identified


Pavel Dohnal

Pavel Dohnal - Brno, 56 years old (enhance immunity)
I have a six-year experience with Penoxal (previously Biocol) and I can say it works great for boosting the immunity. Since then I have had no flu or viral infections such as a cold or cough, not even during the flu season.
The author does not wish to be identified