Jana Vlčková, 65 years - lung cancer

My name is Jana, and in 2015, when I was 63 years old, my life turned upside down. Until then, I lived a quiet life of pensioner, loving my children, grandchildren and my husband with whom I was looking forward to celebrate the 40th wedding anniversary. The previous year my husband bought a laser method hemorrhoid treatment for my hemorrhoid problems. In the autumn 2015 I had to undergo a second phase of treatment. My doctor has asked me to get a chest X-ray done within the preoperative examination.

 Findings in the lungs

Then, in October 2015 my life flow changed. X-rays found rich probably tumorous infiltration of the left lung. After two unsuccessful bronchoscopies, the finding was confirmed in the General University Hospital in Prague. Left lung cancer and additionally chronic reversible lung disease of 3rd degree. The same year in December, I completed my first chemotherapy.

 Chemotherapy treatment

I was advised that patients tolerate chemotherapy differently and some various complications and states of nausea may occur during the treatment. I was prescribed Kytril. We were looking for some way to prevent unwanted conditions from the very beginning . While searching, I came across one article in the magazine, which described the effects of Penoxal during the cancer treatment, and also offered a free test dose for subsequent evaluation of the product. My husband found all the information on the internet and ordered the test package. Penoxal was delivered promptly and immediately I started taking 100mg twice a day.

 Side effects

The fact is that I was tired of chemotherapy. My feet were hurting, sometimes too much. But I avoided nausea states during the treatment and I believe it was due to the use Penoxal. I never lost appetite. I did not experience the main negative side effects of chemotherapy namely nausea and loss of appetite at all. That's why we ordered another package of Penoxal 100mg /120 capsules and I enjoyed it not only during the treatment but also after I finished the chemotherapy to recover successfully.

 Conclusion treatment

After using Penoxal I ordered a variety of other diverse dietary supplements. I used Maitake, Reishi, herbal tablets of Chinese medicine. Last year I completed 30 radiation therapies and these supplements helped me to cope with treatment. Perhaps only psychologically, but even that wasn´t a little part.

 Return to chemotherapy

However earlier this year I felt that the situation has changed again. I was tired and occasionally some blood appeared in the mucus. I asked the doctor about further tests which showed a progression of my disease. I asked for biological treatment but the Consilium conclusion was clear - the nature of the disease does not guarantee a successful use of biological treatment. I was indicated with second series of chemotherapy starting the 10th of March 2017.

Penoxal was clear undisputed choice when I told my husband about it. He promptly ordered a package of 100mg/120 capsules and I started morning and evening use immediately.

Penoxal was without discussion a resource that helped me without any serious complications and limitations to get through the first series of chemotherapy and I am convinced that it will be the same at the current stage of treatment. I would like to thank the team who brings Penoxal on the market and wish them many satisfied patients in their laudable work.