In May 2016 I began to hoarse and gradually began to lose my voice until I only whispered.

So I visited the ENT and the doctor prescribed inhalations thinking that everything could be related to hot weather, cold drinks and air conditioning. After a month when my condition did not improve I was visiting the ENT in Pilsen on the recommendation of my friends where they found that the vocal cords and the neck were okay and the problem would be somewhere else and sent me to the hospital for a CT scan. This exam turned my life 360 degrees. They found a tumor in the thymus (the anterior mediastima tumor) that started pushing the vocal nerve and the left vocal cord was completely paralyzed hence the loss of voice.

I underwent a tumor surgery that found that a 5x5cm tumor could not be operated due to an enlargement in aorta and only a biopsy was done to determine the type of tumor. After the analysis the tumor was found to be intermediate differentiated thymic carcinoma and I was offered oncological treatment. Due to the "rarity" of this type of tumor I received one of the most aggressive treatments, namely CBDCA + paclitaxel. The treatment should consist two doses of chemotherapy every three weeks but everything was different and maybe thanks to Penoxal.

 Before starting the chemotherapy I gathered information and experience of others from website discussions on how to help the body with chemotherapy and that is how I found Penoxal. I read on the Penoxal website what it is, what it is composed of and I decided to try the strongest variant of this product. Before each dose of chemotherapy a blood test was performed to determine the status of red and white blood cells because they get really used up from this treatment. Before the second dose when I was taking Penoxal for 26 days the surgeon was surprised by the results of the blood test which was excellent and I was offered the third dose of chemotherapy that was already "above the plan". I admitted the use of Penoxal and the doctor agreed. He even prescribed it as part of the treatment.

In the end I received three extra doses so five in total. I do not know how big role had Penoxal played in all of this but I also didn´t get bigger side effects of chemotherapy that I read on the internet. After chemotherapy I had 33 radiations and my doctor asked me whether I was going to radiation at all because I had no burns or reddish skin at the radiation locations. Did Penoxal help again?

It has been six months since the chemotherapy and the treatment has helped, the tumor has decreased and is in remission. I firmly believe that Penoxal has helped me in all this and I'm glad I did not think about the money at the beginning and decided to try this product.

Milan Campula

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