Milan Čampula - 45 years – thymus cancer
They found a tumor in the thymus (the anterior mediastima tumor) that started pushing the vocal nerve and the left vocal cord was completely paralyzed hence the loss of voice.


Ivan Doležal, 62 years – Prague (oesophageal cancer)
By the end of February 2017 I started to have swallowing problems and the doctor sent me for further gastro examination. They found that I had a malignant tumor which was confirmed by the histology.


Jana Vlčková – 65 years (thyroid cancer)

Then, in October 2015 my life flow changed. X-rays found rich probably tumorous infiltration of the left lung. After two unsuccessful bronchoscopy was the finding confirmed in the General University Hospital in Prague.


Mr and Mrs Poulíčkovi – daughter Esther, 45 years, Montreal (thyroid cancer)

During the three months just before the next biopsy my daughter had enlarged lymph nodes and her cervical nodules were painful. Results of the repeated thyroid biopsy and the nodes were found to be positive.

Milan Pustka

Milan Pustka - 57 years, Frydek Mistek (colon cancer)
At the beginning of 2010 aged 51 I had a fairly peaceful personal and professional life until I was diagnosed multiple liver metastases. The primary tumour was in the descendent colon.


Pavlína Šmídová

Paula S.- 57 years (breast cancer)
In September 2014 after the mammography screening I was diagnosed breast cancer. It was clear from the start; the evidence showed it was a tumour with a high proliferation which meant it was growing fast, though its size was fairly small – 13 mm.

manželé Pavlovi

Mr. and Mrs. Pavlov - Hradec Králové (kidney cancer) + video
During the prostate examination my husband had a neoplasm found on his kidney, and the following assessment showed it was cancer. 


paní Dagmar

Mrs. Dagmar - Vamberk (uterine cancer) + video

I was introduced to Penoxal by my granddaughter. She has brought it over, because I had uterine cancer and she wanted to help me using a natural product. Before cancer I had suffered from frequent colds and a weak immunity. 


Dagmar Seibertová

Dagmar Seibertová - Pardubice (thyroid disease) + video
In 2014 my thyroid was removed, but I continued to feel very tired. The next assessment revealed follicular lymphoma where the thyroid used to be. I underwent an operation followed by radiotherapy.


Milan Ryba

Milan Ryba - 58 years, Tabor (prostate cancer)
Though my doctor was highly qualified, along with the biopsy results he harshly responded “you have cancer and you can choose where to have an operation”. In that moment my world crumbled and I was glad to be sitting.


paní Kamila

Kamila, 58 years old (breast cancer)
I am 58 years old, have three grown-up children and a husband, and cancer has crossed my life twice. I was 54 when finding a lump on my breast, and so everything has started.
The author does not wish to be identified


paní Karolína

paní Mrs. Carolina 27 years - Frydek Mistek (breast cancer)

My mum was diagnosed breast cancer when I was 9. Hence I have tried to get to mammography screenings every year since I was 18.
The author does not wish to be identified


paní Daňková

Mrs. Daňková - Olomouc region (blood cancer)
I have accidently found out about the disease based on blood counts from my GP. Results were worrying, so my doctor said the blood was bad and she referred me immediately to Ostrava Fifejdy to the Haematology-Oncology department.
The author does not wish to be identified


paní Jabůrková

Ms. Jabůrková - Beroun (lung cancer)
Sometimes in June-July 2015 my husband was diagnosed non-small cell carcinoma in lungs with some metastases (right lung, pleura, pericardium, chest wall, lymph nodes, spleen, left adrenal gland).
The author does not wish to be identified


Jiří Novák

Jiri Novak - Prague, 41 years old (colon cancer)
My family bought the food supplement Penoxal as it was recommended by some friends. I started using it prior to my chemotherapy and radiotherapy (tumour in the colon). 
The author does not wish to be identified