Chemotherapy did not cause major side effects for Mr Milan who has suffered from a thymus cancer

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They found a tumor in the thymus (the anterior mediastima tumor) that started pushing the vocal nerve and the left vocal cord was completely paralyzed hence the loss of voice .......... read more

Penoxal: Repeated gynecological inflammation, cysts, chronic ovarian inflammation, endometriosis



After analyzing my removed cysts they diagnosed me with endometriosis. I was prescribed with various hormonal treatments and was taking other and other antibiotics because I was having upper respiratory tract inflammation. I could not sleep .......... read more


Mrs. Libuse overcome problems with cystitis and weakened organism



At the time I dealt with cystitis almost four months. Sometimes I used to have a pain in the kidney area. I hate to solve medical problems through the physician and I stubbornly was looking for various alternatives. I tried to keep drinking regime and all day I drank tea and plain water. I did not drink alcohol, coffee and did not eat spicy food, didn´t walk barefoot  .......... read more

Penoxal: Mrs. Jana diagnosed with lung cancer managed chemotherapy without nausea and loss of appetite



Then, in October 2015 my life flow changed. X-rays found rich probably tumorous infiltration of the left lung. After two unsuccessful bronchoscopy was the finding confirmed in the General University Hospital in Prague. Left lung cancer and additionally chronic ........... read more 

Penoxal: Thyroid cancer and fibroids in the womb - the story of Mrs. Esther



In July 2015 she contacted us after a two-week pause, because she was admitted to a hospital with sepsis, fever, abdominal pain and abnormal abdominal distension. (ascites – fluid in abdomen). As mother and a former nurse I was aware of the severity of her condition and within a week I flew to Montreal to support ........... read more

Nutrition During Cancer Treatment

Good nutrition is especially important for people with cancer. That is because the illness itself, as well as its treatments, may affect your appetite. Cancer and cancer treatments may also alter your body's ability to tolerate certain foods and to use nutrients ........... read more

Mushrooms That Fight Cancer



Having secured a rich history in many ancient Asian healing practices, medicinal mushrooms have been prescribed and used for countless ailments for thousands of years. As modern medicine rediscovers these ancient superfoods, there is good evidence that mushrooms are among the most powerful functional food more

The immune system and cancer


Lymphocytes have to fully mature before they can help in the immune response. B cells mature in the bone marrow. But the immature T cells travel through the bloodstream to the thymus gland where they become fully developed ........... read more